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What Are The Top 10 UK Casinos With Bonuses Offered?

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

When it comes to online casino games, it’s not always about fun with winning. Sometimes, it gets more exciting if you know that you will be receiving amazing bonuses. However, if you are an online casino player, you know too well that not all sites offer the same bonuses. Some have better than the others. If you want to know which UK casinos have the best bonuses offered, then this article is definitely for you.

TOP 10 Online Casinos With Amazing Bonuses In UK

If you visit sites like, you will find here reviews about different online casino sites. But what we want to know are the casino sites that have the best bonus offers. Remember that there are hundreds of online casino sites and it is important that you know which of them will not only give you fun and entertainment but also more chances of earning more cash through their bonuses. To give you an idea, here are the top 10 UK casinos this 2019:

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  • Cashmio Casino. This online casino site gets the number one spot this year for its amazing bonuses and prizes. It offers 100% welcome package for new players and has new bonuses offered regularly. You can get your payout in less than 24hours.
  • 888 Casino. This site has been offering fun and exciting online casino games since 1997. They have the most amazing bonuses and prizes offered like £88 plus 200% up to £300 Welcome Bonus. This site is packed with casino-style games with 7 different variants of progressive jackpots. They also offer multi-tier VIP rewards program.
  • Cool Play Casino. This online site has all the popular casino games that you’ve been looking for. It also has very fast payouts of your wins with plenty of payout options. They also have plenty of mobile slots and table games where you can pay by mobile phone. Cool Play Casino offers £200 bonus for all new players and if you win, you get paid out every day.
  • Slot Fruity. This is a highly-regulated casino site where players are getting their payouts everyday. They offer secure online payment services like paypal. Players will have a huge selection of games which they can access online, through their mobile phones or tablets. For new players, they offer £25 and up to £500 welcome offer.
  • Royal Panda Casino. For new players, the Royal Panda Casino offers £100 welcome bonus with 10 bonus spins. They have very high withdrawal limits and they are very well known for their quick withdrawal times. The site has 7 different video poker variations where all are tested and audited for guaranteed fairness.
  • Goldman Casino. This is one of the biggest mobile slots websites that is known for its fast payouts. It also has daily jackpot payouts with an impressive welcome bonus. You can also take advantage of up to £1000 in the deposit match deals.
  • Phone Vegas Casino. If you are a new player, the site will give you a welcome deposit deal of up to £200. The site has live casino games and VIP rooms, as well as a wide selection of games and slots, range for a complete online Vegas experience.
  • Slotmatic Casino. This online casino site has over 200 live casino games that you can choose from with live games, scratch cards, slots, and more. They have weekly promotion prizes where you can deposit for as little as £10. They also offer a 100% deposit bonus with extra spins.
  • Regent Casino Online. If you want to take advantage of 100 bonus spins with 100% up to £200 welcome bonus, then this is the online casino site for you. You can choose from more than 400 slots and games with LIVE casino lobby that is available 24/7. For VIP players, they also have an exclusive VIP area and a mystery prize hunt.
  • Slots LTD Casino. If you are a new player, this online casino site offers you a 100 welcome bonus of up to £200. This is the best site to register with if you want a real-time casino experience.

Taking advantage of these amazing bonuses and exclusive offers can help you win more with online casino games. If you want to know more about these online casino sites, you can also visit and take advantage of these amazing bonuses and prize that you can online find from these sites.

What it takes to become a professional sports bookie?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Betting on less known sports is a good way to stand out when betting with friends. Moreover, it is sometimes a great opportunity to win big, especially thanks to the inexperience of the bookmaker in such a sport.Indeed, the main bookmakers are usually specialized in football or rugby, but also offer bets on less known sports. Since these sports are less well-known, it may happen that odds occur, for example, a high score with a probability of winning it too high.

These mistakes do not happen every day, but it is still interesting to pay attention, because it is often a golden opportunity to earn money and become the professional PPH Bookie. However, to identify these errors, it is best to know the rules of the sport on which you want to bet.

We will start with a presentation of sports less known and proposed by the bookmakers.

Bet on volleyball

Volleyball is often offered by bookmakers, and the winnings can be interesting. It is possible to bet on women’s and men’s competitions. However, bookmakers know this sport well and odds are very rare.

Bet on motor sports

It is a very interesting bet and rather nice to play. It is interesting, if proposed by your bookmaker. Indeed, it is a less known discipline in Europe and odds errors can happen more frequently than in other sports.

Bet on the badminton

Sports regularly offered by bookmakers and easy to understand, perfect for a start. A tip – prefer to bet on matches where China is not invited, the odds may be more interesting! Indeed, the Chinese are very often the champions of badminton.

Bet on handball

Like badminton, handball is an easy-to-understand sport that is regularly offered by bookmakers. The matches are very interesting, and the odds too. Errors are very rare, this sport becoming more and most popular with punters, bookmakers had to adapt.

If you are looking for odds errors: prefer female matches

Indeed, women’s teams being less popular with punters, bookmakers pay less attention to odds issued for these types of matches. Take the time to check the odds on women’s less well-known sports matches – it can really be worth it. These mistakes are rare, but when they are there it can be the jackpot.

To summarize

These four disciplines were chosen and ranked according to their availability at the bookmakers and their ease for a beginner to adapt to the rules of these sports to best lead his bet. You could still add athletics, field hockey and even curling. Do not hesitate to look at the bookmakers’ offers on these sports from time to time.